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Natural Health Products

What Are Natural Health Products?

Natural Health ProductsNatural health products or NHPS can be defined as naturally occurring substances that restore and uphold good health. Most natural health products are made from plants.

However, there are some products that are made from animals, microorganisms, and marine resources. Natural health products vary in size, shape and form. They can be tablets, capsules, tinctures, solutions, creams, ointments, and drops.

Another name for natural health products are “complementary” or “alternative” medicines. Everyday products such as toothpaste, anti-perspirant, shampoo, moisturizers, and mouthwash fall under the umbrella of natural health products.

Natural Health Products Regulations

The Natural Health Products Regulations are the standards in which natural health products are inspected to ensure the unique nature and properties of the products.

To do their part in continually improving natural health products, the Governments in most of the developed nations have come up with a new approach to producing quality products.

Stakeholders, consumers, and parliamentarians have expressed to their respective governments a need for easy access to natural health products while upholding safety regulations.

This is meant to reduce the superfluous burden that companies go through to export safe products to the marketplace.

Natural Health Products in Deep

Natural Health ProductsThe term ‘NHP” is used to refer to a specific group of health products. Among these products are:

1) Vitamin and mineral supplements
2) Herbal and assorted plant-based health products
3) Traditional medicines (e.g. Chinese medicine)
4) Homeopathic medicines
5) Probiotics and enzymes
6) Personal care products with natural ingredients

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for the regulation and safety of all natural health products.

Natural health products are marketed for a variety of reasons. One such reason is to prevent or treat illnesses. Other possible reasons for promoting natural health products are to reduce the number of health risks or to maintain good health. Natural products must be approved of as safe in order to be advertised as over-the-counter. If a product requires a prescription, it is regulated as a drug.

Possible risks to using Natural Health Products

Usually, health products are safe and contain little to no side effects. However, they are not completely risk free. Some potential risks include:

1) Manufacturing problems such as contamination and incorrect ingredients
2) Unproven claims, which can mislead consumers into using the wrong products for serious conditions
3) A lack of information that can mislead consumers into making an uninformed choice (For example, incorrect or no instructions or warnings that indicate that a product is not meant to be used for certain groups)
4) Interference with prescription drugs or other natural health products
5) Unexpected side effects such as allergic reactions

Can Natural Health Products be used safely?

Here are some steps that can help to minimize the risks that natural health products may contain:

1) Try to make sure that your health care provider is aware of any other drugs or natural health products that you are currently using. This is meant to prevent interactions.

2) Only use products that are approved by the FDA or any other official health group

3) Research any claims that may come across as being too good to be true. Consult your health care provider on any doubts you might have.

4) Read the entire list of instructions and follow them carefully.

How can the authorization of a product be determined?

Natural health care products must be safe, effective, high quality, and provide extensive label information before becoming licensed in the United States. This helps consumers to make safe and informed choices.

Products that have been licensed for sale in the United States carry the FDA label of approval. This means that the product has been sanctioned and is safe and effective if used properly.

What the United States is doing to ensure protection

It is the responsibility of the United States to assure that all Americans have easy access to a variety of safe, effective, and high quality natural health products.

The Government inspects all natural health products before allowing them to be sold in the United States. They assure consumers that the natural health products are manufactured correctly without contamination or the wrong ingredients. The Government also performs post-market monitoring to see to it that the FDA Regulations are being closely followed.